Wedding Cakes & Favors

We can create your wedding cake according to your favorite flavors and taking into consideration your overall wedding theme and what expresses you as a couple.

Brownie, cupcake or miniature version of your wedding cake we can make and package your wedding favors.
If you would like us to undertake your Wedding Cocktail or Dinner please see our Cocktails, Buffet, Gala Dinners menus or let’s meet to discuss your special day with our in-house Event Organizer.


We can design the ideal menu for your baby’s christening, create a cake according to your theme, as well as delicious favors for your guests.
Have a look at our Buffet menu for the selection of items available or contact us to meet and discuss.

Birthday Parties

No matter how old you are, Birthday Parties are the perfect occasion to celebrate with friends and family. Have a look at our different Cocktails, Buffet, Gala Dinners options and then contact us to book your event and a cake according to your likes.

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